How to Find First Class Routes

Flying in First Class is a luxury that few get to enjoy but those with points can easily make that a reality. Often the problem is finding which airlines and routes feature a First Class cabin. This article walks you through how to find them.

Tools I Use – Star Alliance Routing Map

Today, I am starting a series called Tools I Use so that people new to Travel Hacking will have these tools in their toolbelt...

The New FlightConnections

FlightConnections is a site that every Travel Hacker needs to have in their toolkit. We here at PointsNerd rely on it almost every day and now that there's a new update, here's what you need to know about the new functionality of the site.

Tools I Use – TripIt

I was looking back at my posts and realized that I haven't covered off my favorite travel tool ever, TripIt.  Today I am going...