How to Plan a Trip to Saint Pierre & Miquelon by Plane and Ferry

Make a trip to Saint Pierre & Miquelon (France) for only $115 roundtrip from Newfoundland! Read PointsNerd's in depth post on trip planning tips and the cost to ferry or fly to this unique and culturally rich territory.

Tips to Maximize Aeroplan – “Home Stopovers” for Free Flights

Aeroplan allows up to two free stopovers on a roundtrip flight. PointsNerd will teach you how to maximize the free Aeroplan stopovers for free flights on your upcoming travel.

How To Know If You’re On A Good Plane

When you are new to booking reward flights, you're just happy to find availability but once you've been doing it a while, you start...

Help With My Shoe Game

As you likely know, we will be leaving on our Luxury Round-the-World trip in just over two weeks and I have been STRUGGLING with finding...

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