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Great Canadian Rebates is currently offering $12 cash back if you get your credit score through TransUnion.  Usually, getting your score means paying $19.95 which isn’t a great deal but from now until February 28th, your credit score only costs $1 AND you get $12 cash back, netting you $11 for free!

If you don’t know what Great Canadian Rebates and cashback sites are in general, take a read through my introduction to them.  I promise you.  It’s completely legitimate and you will definitely get your money.

Getting and understanding your credit score is the cornerstone of Travel Hacking because it allows you to understand whether or not you will qualify for the cards we really want, like the American Express Platinum, Platinum Business, Gold and Gold BusinessFor a full breakdown of what credit scores mean and how they are calculated, take a read through this article.

The Deal

There’s a promotion to get your credit score for $1 for the first 7 days.  After the first 7 days, you will be billed $19.95 per month so be sure to cancel your subscription after you get your score.  Even if you cancel your subscription within the 7 days, you will still qualify and be paid the $12 cash back from Great Canadian Rebates.

This offer is NOT AVAILABLE to Residents of Quebec.

How To

  1. If you have a GreatCanadianRebates account, sign in.  If you don’t sign up for one here.
  2. Find the offer under Categories –> Credit Cards –> TransUnion and click the offer, or click on the direct link here.
  3. Click on the TransUnion Canada $1 offer at the bottom of the page
  4. Register for the offer and pay for the report ($1)
  5. Once you have reviewed your score, you can either call into TransUnion to cancel the plan (1-800-508-2597) or you can cancel by clicking on this link (be sure to be logged into your TransUnion account before you click).

Here’s what the cancellation screen should look like if you’ve done it right:

Why You Should Do It

Understanding your credit score and credit history is key but beyond that, this is $11 for free!  When you consider that you can even cancel your subscription online, it makes this a no-brainer.

Earn $11. Get your free credit score and credit history.  Boom.

Jayce is the founder of PointsNerd, and avid traveller and a teacher by nature. He prides himself on flattening the learning curve through step-by-step guides because everyone needs to start somewhere.


  1. Or you can always use the free Credit Karma site instead. They use transunion anyway, they provide extensive details, and you get your score updated weekly. Certainly a few more bells and whistles on transunion but to just get your score and see all your accounts, credit karma, and free, is better, IMO.

    • Hi Leon,

      I agree that Credit Karma has a decent product but you get a lot more information from your TransUnion report because they are the actual reporting agency. Additionally and probably more importantly, Credit Karma doesn’t provide you cash back through GCR so I still recommend that people go through the TransUnion report. Cheers


  2. For everyone (yes even QC) that has any product open at RBC, you can get both your TU credit score and credit report for free through your online login. It updates once a month.

    Opening a no fee savings account does the trick if you don’t have any product with them.


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