Air China has been notoriously absent on Aeroplan’s searches for what seems like forever.  This leaves a BIG gap for those that want to do a mini-RTW trip to Asia because … well … China’s HUGE.  Aeroplan claimed that there were issues with IT compatibility but a lot of people think that Aeroplan may have been blocking awards from Air China.

Well, good news!

It looks like Air China is now back on Aeroplan and bookable!

I did a quick search for availability from tomorrow + 7 days and came up with a LOT of availability.  What’s interesting is that while First and Economy Class are available, there’s nothing for Business Class for some reason.

No YQ!

The great thing about Air China is that they do not charge Fuel Surcharge, so your award ticket is going to be quite cheap.  This is what I found when searching on Aeroplan for that First Class ticket on June 14th.

When we drill into the taxes, fees, and surcharges, we can clearly see there is no fuel surcharge involved!  Flying from Vancouver to Beijing for $46.91 is pretty amazing!

Word of Warning

Air China has shown up on Aeroplan before for about a week last summer (I believe) but it quickly disappeared again, so if you have plans to book with Air China as an award redemption using Aeroplan, you’d better hurry up and book!

Another word of warning, when Air China was bookable, some users complained about their tickets being canceled for no reason and with no warning so if you book, be sure to watch your ticket closely.

H/T to my buddy Norman for the heads up!


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