This is a short post but an important one. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a new guide on how to obtain an ITIN through a service provided by US Tax Resources (USTR) so you can up your credit card game by qualifying for US Credit Cards.

In that post, we offered those that commented, a chance to win the services provided by US Tax Resources, specifically, a prepared US Tax Return and an ITIN Application.

By using US Tax Resources, you are virtually guaranteed an ITIN. I say “virtually” because the US Internal Revenue Agency always has the last say but USTR can provide you all the proper paperwork and guidance to ensure that, if you are eligible, you will receive an ITIN.

The Winner

There were 30 entries into the promo and thanks to Google’s Random Number Generator feature, Comment 21 wins the contest.

That comment was provided by L Huang.

Next Steps

US Tax Resources will be in touch with the contest winner and once the process is completed, I will ask that L Huang provide feedback on his/her experience so that others can understand how easy the process is.

Congratulations L Huang. Looking forward to hearing about your experience with US Tax Resources.

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