The ACTUAL Easiest Way to Prevent Your Aeroplan Miles From Expiring

Having your miles expire due to inactivity is a painful and unnecessary experience. PointsNerd has a quick and easy way to earn a quick 100 Aeroplan Miles and renew your account for another year.

The Four Benefits Of Doing an RBC Credit Card Product Switch

Want a quick and easy way to earn miles and points and NOT pay a huge amount of money? Consider the RBC Product Switch Strategy that Kendrick outlines here.

Avianca LifeMiles for Canadians – Part 1 – Program Basics

Avianca's LifeMiles program offers a unique opportunity for Canadian Travel Hackers. The program allows for Star Alliance Partner Redemptions without fuel surcharge and you can even buy the miles cheap! PointsNerd points you in the right direction with an in depth analysis.

Aeroplan Expiry Tips

If you're looking for some quick ways to earn a few Aeroplan Miles in order to extend your Aeroplan expiry date, PointsNerd has some suggestions for you. If your miles have already expired, we might have a solution for you to reinstate those miles without a fee.

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