Lounge Reviews

Review - Centurion Lounge - DFW

I’ve had the opportunity to visit the Centurion Studio in SEA, the Centurion Lounge in IAH and now the Centurion Lounge at DFW.  I missed out on trying out the Centurion Lounge at SFO because the terminals at SFO are not connected airside, meaning that you have to go to the appropriate terminal that the
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Review – Centurion Lounge - Houston

I have been DYING to see the Centurion Lounge in Houston since it opened.  Outside of the Centurion Studio in Seattle, most of the other Centurion Lounges are in cities that I do not frequent.  Luckily on my most recent trip, I got a chance (albeit a very quick chance) to experience the lounge. Location
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Review – Aspire Lounge – Calgary

I recently got to visit the new International Terminal of the Calgary International Airport (YYC) and since it opened on October 31st, I’ve been dying to see what the new lounge is like.  For those of you that aren’t as nerdy as I am, you won’t know that there is no Air Canada Maple Leaf
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