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I’ve had the opportunity to visit the Centurion Studio in SEA, the Centurion Lounge in IAH and now the Centurion Lounge at DFW.  I missed out on trying out the Centurion Lounge at SFO because the terminals at SFO are not connected airside, meaning that you have to go to the appropriate terminal that the lounge is in and then exit and go to your correct terminal to catch your flight.  That wouldn’t be a big deal if you didn’t have to clear security twice.

What strike me about the Centurion Lounge at DFW is the size and the offerings at this particular location.  It really is true that they do things bigger in Texas.


The airport at Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) is connected airside so you have a lot more flexibility to check in at the correct terminal and then catch a quick train airside to get you to the D Terminal, where the Centurion Lounge is located.

The DFW airport is serviced by a train called SkyLink, which connects all the terminals after security.  You want to get on the train going to D Terminal.  Each terminal has 2 stops so get off at the one for Gates D1 – D22 because it’s a much shorter walk than if you get off at D23 – D40 (I know from experience).


The Lounge itself is located opposite of D17 but once you get off the escalators, signs point you in the right direction.


You will head up some escalators before you see the lounge itself.


When you enter the lounge, you will be greeted by the same signage and reception desk as the other Centurion Lounges.


The Benefits

Unlike the other Centurions I have visited, DFW features a spa where you can get yourself a manicure, a facial or a 10-minute massage.  Be sure to ask for the spa treatment when you check in because I wasn’t offered it unprompted.  This could be simply the person checking me in or perhaps a way to discourage the spa’s usage during busy times.  When I asked about the spa treatment, I was given a waiver to sign and asked what treatment I would like.  I went with the massage.  More on that later.

The Layout

I’m told the Centurion Lounge at DFW is 9,000 square feet, which is quite large for a lounge in the US but pales in comparison to other lounges around the world like the Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge in Istanbul.

The lounge is in the shape of a C and AMEX has done a good job at designing the space to use up all the available space without making it feel cramped.


Lots of places to sit and relax with plentiful access to outlets.


If you want a place to sit and do work, this long rectangular table is the place to be.  I sat down and did some searching for award availability here.


This is the corridor that leads into the dining area.  You can see that it wasn’t too crowded when I was there, unlike my experience at the Centurion Studio in SEA.


There was a bit of a wait for food but that’s only because there were a few very indecisive people in line.


As you would expect, there is a fully stocked bar along with your traditional bartender, who was very shy about having her picture taken.


What I noticed at DFW was that the high walled chairs were not reserved for Centurion Card holders, which was a nice plus even though I still didn’t get a chance to sit in one since they were occupied.


This is the entrance to the spa called Xhale.


You also have access to showers at the lounge, which is one of the best features of a lounge in my opinion.


Around the backside of this wall, you will find three day loungers, which I used to relax before catching my flight.


The Food

I have to say that the food at the Centurion Lounges is the best in the business.  Notice I said Centurion Lounge and not Centurion Studio?  The food at the Studio in SEA is nothing to write home about because they don’t have hot options.

The Centurions at IAH and DFW have fantastic food that tastes great.  It’s well presented and there are a lot of hot options available as well as good vegetarian options.






The Chilli and Molasses Pork Loin was a bit on the dry side if I’m being honest but the sauce really made up for it.  The chicken, on the other hand, was very moist and delicious.  I actually went back for second on both the pork and the chicken because it was so good.  I managed to grab some asparagus but stayed away from the salad … because … well because I’m no rookie when it comes to buffets.  I finished everything off with a nice light Strawberry Shortcake dessert.


The only thing that I found a bit weird was that you don’t have a self-serve drink area as all the drinks (except tea and some juice) are under the supervision of the bartender.  That can be a bit offputting to those that don’t care to bother a bartender just to get a Coke.

The Spa

I didn’t get any pictures of the inside of the spa because it felt a little weird to take pictures while people were getting treatments.  I suppose if I had one gripe, it would be that the spa area is quite small so you see the other patrons getting their nails done or enjoying a massage.  Given that this was part of the free lounge experience, I wasn’t complaining.

I opted for a massage and it was done in one of those sit-down jobbies as opposed to a table.


The massage was very good, quite relaxing and the perfect way to unwind before catching my flight over to Houston.

Overall Impressions

I would have to say that the Centurion Lounge at DFW is the best lounge I have been in in North America and I’m continually blown away by the level of quality you receive in these lounges.  Top that off with the fact that the lounge is free if you have the American Express Platinum or the American Express Platinum Business and it’s a big win.



















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