I applied for the Cobalt card the day after it was announced, using the Great Canadian Rebates trick I wrote about last week.  I was approved right away and received credit for my approved application through GCR, but it has take some time to get the card in the mail for some reason.  Today, I finally received the card!

I was going to do a big unboxing post but it turns out that the card comes in the same plain off-white envelope every AMEX product comes in, save the Platinum and Platinum Business cards.

The Card

The card is made of plastic and not the metal that I know a lot of people hoped for but it does feature a carbon fiber look and is a unique color in comparison to the other cards out there, so it is definitely distinctive.

I personally really like the look of the card and look forward to using it at restaurants and grocery stores for 5x Membership Rewards points.

I will be starting to use the card to see how quickly the card is credited with the Membership Reward Select points and if there are any restrictions on transfers.  We have been told that we cannot transfer the points to airline programs but that hotel programs are still intact.  I’ll be interested to see how this works in practice.

If you aren’t familiar with the Cobalt Card, take a look at my post giving you all the details you need.

Apply Now

You can apply on the American Express website and get nothing but the card, or you can apply via Great Canadian Rebates and get $50 back.  I don’t know about you but the math nerd in me would go with the latter 🙂

You can get the $50 rebate below:


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  1. Got the card earlier this month. Spent the $500 minimum and received the 2500 points immediately after the $500 was posted to my account.

  2. Hi Jayce!
    Thanks for sharing your article. I got the card too in Oct and racked up so many MR points eating out and on take out!
    The Dec bonus made it 10X !
    It’s a great card to have for people like us who eat out a lot!! 🙂


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