Great Canadian Rebates Cashback Boost

For those that have followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a HUGE fan of cashback sites. One...

IHG Taste of Spire – Free Status and Fast Track – Register by 10/31/18

If you have 2 minutes of time, you can easily register and receive IHG's top-tier status for 90 days. PointsNerd gives you the secret link and the how-to.

How to Choose Your Marriott Choice Options

Are you still waiting to access your Marriott Choice Benefits after reaching 50 or 75 nights? PointsNerd points you in the right direction so you can get those well-deserved Suite Night Awards.

Aeroplan Expiry Tips

If you're looking for some quick ways to earn a few Aeroplan Miles in order to extend your Aeroplan expiry date, PointsNerd has some suggestions for you. If your miles have already expired, we might have a solution for you to reinstate those miles without a fee.

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