Where Have You Been?

Wondering why PointsNerd hasn't been making any posts lately? Here's why and what you can expect going forward.

Well That Was Fast – Air Canada to Buy Aeroplan?

A consortium led by Air Canada has made an offer to purchase the Aeroplan program from AIMIA. Find out the details and who the winners and losers are. I'll bet you haven't thought about one of the biggest impacts of this deal. PointsNerd breaks it all down for you.

The Future of Aeroplan

Aeroplan has finally come forward with a vision of their new program post-Air Canada. There have been many promises made but which ones are likely to come true? PointsNerd gives you the lowdown

Thank You

Chao is exiting stage right but fear not PointsNerd fans, the blog will live on! See why Chao is leaving and why it might be a great thing!