Air Canada’s Status Challenge

Having status with an airline, even low tier status, is one of those things that doesn't seem like a big deal on...

How to Get Free Wifi on WestJet (and Other Airlines)

When I was working at WestJet, one of the biggest perks was the ability to fly standby anywhere in the WestJet network....

The ACTUAL Easiest Way to Prevent Your Aeroplan Miles From Expiring

Having your miles expire due to inactivity is a painful and unnecessary experience. PointsNerd has a quick and easy way to earn a quick 100 Aeroplan Miles and renew your account for another year.

IHG Taste of Spire – Free Status and Fast Track – Register by 10/31/18

If you have 2 minutes of time, you can easily register and receive IHG's top-tier status for 90 days. PointsNerd gives you the secret link and the how-to.

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