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Why Google Fi Is My Go-To Solution to Stay Connected

If you've traveled to a foreign country, you know how much of a challenge it is to stay connected. Google Fi might be the right solution for you so never have to worry about staying connected again.

Marriott Promotion – Cheaper Stays and Easier Access to Status

Marriott has a time sensitive promotion that can save you a ton of points and help you earn status in 2020. PointsNerd breaks it down for you.

How to Get Out of Resort/Destination Hotel Fees

There's an ugly trend with hotels nowadays, where resort or destination fees are becoming the norm. If you hate paying these ridiculous fees, read on as PointsNerd shows you a couple of ways out of these fees.

Free Executive Elite Status with National with Any AMEX

Earning status is difficult except when a company is giving it away like candy at Halloween Learn how you can get Top Tier Status with National for free.