Travel Hacking From Scratch – Part 2 – Credit Cards – Which Card and...

Series Layout Welcome to the Travel Hacking from Scratch Series - a series dedicated to getting those new into...

The Marriott Travel Package – When Should I Book?

Does the new Marriott Travel Package represent good value or should you do everything in your power to load up while the old pricing is in effect? PointsNerd shows you the way using math!

IHG Taste of Spire – Free Status and Fast Track – Register by 10/31/18

If you have 2 minutes of time, you can easily register and receive IHG's top-tier status for 90 days. PointsNerd gives you the secret link and the how-to.

Avianca LifeMiles for Canadians – Part 1 – Program Basics

Avianca's LifeMiles program offers a unique opportunity for Canadian Travel Hackers. The program allows for Star Alliance Partner Redemptions without fuel surcharge and you can even buy the miles cheap! PointsNerd points you in the right direction with an in depth analysis.

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