1. Depending on your needs, the TD option might be better if you can limit the number of transactions you do on the Canadian side.

    I setup a U.S. Dollar Bank Account with TD over here in Canada. The fees are $1.25 USD per transaction (waived with $1,500 USD). Then I setup a TD Convenience Checking account in the US that waives the monthly fee if you keep at least a $100 USD minimum (which is extremely low!). So the only fees you need to pay is the $1.25/transaction over here in Canada if you simply keep a measly $100 in your US account.

    I usually transfer USD across the border once every 4-6 months allowing me to minimize the fees I need to pay. If you can afford to keep $1,500 USD in your TD Canadian account, then no fees for you!

  2. I found AgilityForex to offer some of the best rates for large amounts when converting CAN to US…

  3. If you get an ITIN, do you have to file US income tax every year?

    1. Hi Paul,

      This is a better question for a tax lawyer to be sure but from my understanding, you only have to file if you have US based revenues. Cheers


    1. Hi Steve,

      RBC (Georgia) does not have a physical banking location in NV, however, you only need to have the bank domiciled within the United States so having a branch in Nevada (unless you plan on actually banking in Nevada) doesn’t matter. Hope that helps.


      1. Thanks for clarofitokr Jayce. Only reason I asked was because you mentioned it may not be ideal to have your home address state will be different than your bank address.

        Was hoping you could clarify. I referenced the section below.


        “If you do plan on using Shipito (I covered that in the previous series post), be aware that your bank and “home” address will not be in the same state, which may not be the best scenario to get approved for a US card.”

          1. I haven’t no. I will go ahead with TD and use Shapiro. Others haven’t run into any issues. Jaycee RBC is based out of Georgia but his mailing address is NV. I see no difference.

  4. Hi Jayce, I have the same question than Steve… Is it a bad thing if the bank is not located in the same states than our physical adress? I want to use shipito but there’s no branch of either TD or RBC… thanks 🙂

    1. Antoine,

      As long as the bank is in the US, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the same state as your Shipito address. If you can make the two match, all the better but it’s not a huge deal. Cheers


  5. What about the address on RBC since they do call the bank sometimes? Do you put the US address in permanent, mailing or seasonal?

    1. Hi AlphaBeez,

      I would suggest you use your US address as your permanent address and you mailing address. Once AMEX verifies your address, you can update it online to whatever you would like.


  6. I tried setting up a US convenient chequing account with TD but they don’t offer Arizona as one of the states that you can enter as a home address, any suggestions on what to do? I have my ITIN now and was hoping to send my bills to my parents house in Arizona. I also have a credit card set up with RBC if this helps.

    1. Did TD say why you could not put a home address in Arizona?
      I’d suggest escalating with TD to set you up in Arizona before going to option B which is registering for up a US mailbox / mail forwarding service.

  7. I was able to get a convenience chequing account through td, however I just received a letter in the mail asking me to fill out a W8-BEN form (certificate of foreign status of beneficial owner for united states tax witholding and reporting for individuals). Do I need to fill one of these out? I won’t be making in income in the US, just using the chequing account it to pay off US credit cards.

    1. James, you would have to consult a tax lawyer or maybe some online resources but I believe the reason that you need to fill out the form is due to the potential interest earnings you would receive from the bank.

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