Thanks to the genius of PekFlyer, I was clued into the fact that Swiss Air’s First Class is bookable with Aeroplan.  If you don’t know, Swiss First Class is not supposed to be bookable unless you hold status with Swiss but for some unknown reason, it’s bookable.

You can find wide open availability from all cities serviced by Swiss, including LAX, SFO, ORD, YUL, BOS, EWR, JFK, and MIA!

To get the best experience, look to fly the 777-300 rather than the older A330s, though it’s not the end of the world to fly the A330.

Obviously, this is breaking news so I don’t have all the details but it looks like there’s availability to the end of August but your mileage may vary.

I have two confirmed instances where not only have the people booking received PNRs, but also a ticket number.  There is a very good chance that if you can get this to ticket, it will be honored.

I haven’t booked because I’m planning on Asia in 2018 but if you’ve been itching to fly a VERY exclusive First Class cabin, jump on this now.  Don’t think.  Book.

Huge H/T to PekFlyer for bringing this to my attention

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  1. I booked 2 Swiss first class via aeroplan and flew earlier this summer to Geneva. Didn’t realize they were that though to come by. Guess we got lucky.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Can you please elaborate as to how you booked these tickets and what route you were in Swiss First? Are you certain it wasn’t in Business Class?



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