Airport Lounge Reviews

Some like the hustle and bustle of airports but I prefer to relax before boarding my plane but which lounge is the best? Well, it’s all a matter of personal preference but perhaps these reviews will help you figure out the best lounge for you and your travelling companions.

How To Series

Ever wonder how you can get a hotel upgrade without status?  Or maybe how you can be sure you have the lowest car rental rate possible? The How To Series walks you through the “rest” of travel hacking, because vacations are made up of more than just flights.

Negotiating Your Credit Card Annual Fee

Nobody likes paying the annual fee associated with most credit cards so PointsNerd will show you a way to reduce or potentially completely eliminate your annual credit card fee. Listen in on how PointsNerd handles his fee negotiations with actual recorded calls with credit card representatives.

Tools I Use

There are plenty of tools that make Travel Hacking easier. Find out which ones PointsNerd recommends.

Travel Hacking Dictionary

Are you running into Travel Hacking terms that you don’t understand? Well, refer to the Travel Hacking Dictionary.