Like many of you, I too had the Chase Marriott Visa which was recently cancelled as Chase pulled out of the Canadian market.

While this was certainly a blow to many people because the card offered a 0% Foreign Exchange (FX) fee, there were two great benefits that came out of the card’s demise.  Chase promised to award two of the biggest perks of the card outside the 0% FX:

  • 1 Night Stay Certificate for a Category 1-5 Marriott Hotel
  • 15 Night Stay Credit towards elite status

Everyone expected that this would be done shortly after the card was closed but it’s been 19 days since that happened and still nothing.

Getting frustrated, I called Chase …

What to Expect

According to the Chase agent I spoke to, there has been an internal communication that states that ALL Chase Marriott cardholders that held the card as of March 15th, 2018, will receive both benefits in MAY 2018.  When pressed on what day in May this would occur, the agent said that there were no specifics, just that it will happen in May.


While it sucks that we have to wait around for potentially 2 full months before we receive our promised benefits, we now know that everything is in the works so all we need is a little bit of patience.

If you are still reeling from the loss of a 0% FX card, look to the Scotiabank Passport Infinite Card – a new credit card offering that provides a shockingly well-rounded offer, including 0% FX.

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    • Hey Gurpreet, what was the anniversary date of your card? I think those that had a March anniversary date received their certificate and stay credits while those that had anniversaries outside of March have to wait till May.

  1. What I was hoping for (and still am), is that we receive the anniversary night (with no corresponding annual fee), *plus* a free night as a parting gift. Any reason to believe this won’t be the case?

    • I would be surprised if people received more than 1 certificate to be honest. It would be nice but I don’t think it’s realistic. In my estimation, Chase is going above and beyond by providing a free night certificate and the 15 elite night credits.

  2. Bummer! I was hoping to redeem it for my Courtyard by Marriott Taipei stay this month. It is a very nice Category 4 hotel right beside the Taipei Metro.

  3. I also received my 15 night credit and the free 1 night certificate…I got the card in late April/early May 2017. So that timing is off…not sure how they determine who gets when. But they did honor all that…and since I had less than 1 year, no annual fee either; and I took advantage of the 50000 bonus points last year too. All in all, great card and sad to see it go so soon….was one of my daily drivers and being a VISA was an added bonus.

  4. Hi there, I received my Marriott card in August 2017. I received the enrollment bonus and upgraded to Silver status that same month. On my “nights earned” tab, it says “5 bonus nights” rolled over from 2017 to 2018. I haven’t received my free night stay certificate, nor have I stayed any Marriotts yet. So I’m not too sure if these “5 bonus nights” are the same as “15 night credit” that people are referring to in this post. Any idea? Thanks.

    • Hi Ela, I’m not sure if the 5 bonus nights are the same as the 15 night credit but it may be a pro-rated form of the 15 night credit. I would try to get a hold of a customer service agent to request the 15 night credit if you dont receive them in May 2018.

  5. If I combine the account that receives the elite credits and the category five certificate with another Marriott account that has a higher elite status, will the free night and the elite credits move into the higher account?

    If so, to reach 50 nights in calendar year 2018 (stays between January 1 and December 31 ) will all of the following count, and give me platinum status through February 2020.
    — Starwood nights up to August and from August to year end
    – original Marriott nights up to August and from August to year end
    -15 elite nights from the credit card
    – Any rollover nights in the account that is being merged into the higher status account

    (. Blah blah blah section:Marriott knows that I have two accounts and why I have two accounts , and is ok with it. I never abused it by doing promotions twice, and have merged accounts in the past. The reason why is I lived in two countries, so had an American account and a Canadian account. I no longer have access to any us account so I do not know what forwarder or similar I can use to open chase or Amex USA credit cards. Also, according to my calculations, plastiq costs about five percent using an American credit card — so a sign up bonus based on 5000 dollars spend would cost 250 dollars, plus cost of mail forwarder etc. Too expensive, unless the Canadian cards do not offer 15 elite credits starting in 2019, or have a high annual fee’)

    • From my experiences of merging Marriott accounts, you can choose the account you want keep (higher or lower account). The free night credits from credit cards are merged accordingly so all the nights on your list should be combined.

  6. Free night cert was just posted – this is in addition to the anniversary night I received in March, so pleased with that.

  7. My Free Night certificate posted on April 27… have not seen the 15 night credit to the account yet. My Anniversary date was in November.


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