My favorite airport hotel in the world is hands down the Fairmont YVR.  We were put up there a few years ago because our flight from Calgary to San Francisco was cancelled and we had to be rerouted through YVR late at night.  Our flight was departing the next morning so the United agent that rerouted us was kind enough to give us a hotel stay certificate at the Fairmont YVR.

The room was extremely comfortable and the views of the tarmac were stunning.  I’ve been wanting to get back there for some time and now I have the opportunity as we are flying back from our Australia trip via Vancouver.

Normally, Fairmont stays can be pretty pricey but when you are on vacation or want to have that extra bit of luxury, the Fairmont is a nice splurge.  I have stayed at about 6 different Fairmont properties around the world and I have always been impressed with their level of service and attention to detail so I don’t mind splurging sometimes.

The Deal

Right now, Costco is selling $100 gift certificates to for $74.99.  You can find the gift certificate at

If you purchase more than $100 at and use MasterPass at checkout, you will automatically receive $25 off!!!  This offer is valid from October 2 – December 9, 2017.  Details of the offer can be found here:

So what can you do with gift certificates?  Well you can redeem them for Fairmont Gift Certificates (among other things)!

You can find the listing at

The Math

UPDATE – It looks like those only purchasing gift certificates from LifeExperiences and getting the $25 MasterPass discount are having their Costco orders cancelled.  Apparently this is because the MasterPass offer is not supposed to apply to gift card/certificate purchases.  You can probably add something to your cart that’s over $100 to get past this.  You can always return items to Costco brick and mortar stores at a later time if you so choose …

If you purchase 2 x $100 gift certificates from, you would normally pay $149.98 ($74.99 x 2), but with the MasterPass deal, you will receive another $25 off, so you only pay $124.98!!!

That will provide you with 2 x $100 gift certificates which you can redeem for 2 x $100 Fairmont gift certificates.

So in the end, you will pay $124.98 for $200 worth of Fairmont gift certificates.  That’s 37.5% off!!! 

You cannot find a better deal anywhere for a Fairmont stay.

I personally only need 1 x $100 gift certificate so I did not maximize my deal but you certain should if you can make use of the gift certificates.

The Process

The first thing you need to do is purchase the $100 LifeExperiences Gift Certificate from for $74.99.

You will then get an email from Costco that will give you a link to your gift certificate.

When you click on the link you will receive the following gift certificate:

You then go to the site and purchase the Fairmont $100 gift card.  You will use your Gift Certificate Number and PIN to pay for the Fairmont Gift Card.

Something to Watch Out For

It can take 24-48 hours for the gift certificate from Costco to become active, which is what I am currently experiencing though I am not worried in the least.

In the event that pulls the offer for Fairmont, you can always get a refund from Costco as they have the world’s best return policy.

I will provide an update as soon as I am able to redeem the LifeExperiences gift certificate for the Fairmont Gift Certificate.

Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions associated with the Fairmont Gift Card:

  • Bring your Official Certificate to be applied on your stay at time of check-out
  • Certificate may be applied to folio at check-out, including transactions at outlets associated with the hotel only (i.e. spa, golf, dining, etc.)
  • All sales are final
  • Valid year round
  • Subject to availability; advance reservations required
  • Limit of 10 certificates per stay
  • Certificates cannot be used towards Group/Convention bookings
  • Policies subject to change without notice
  • Must present certificate upon arrival
  • May not be redeemed for cash or Fairmont Gift Cards (can only be applied to folio at check-out) 
  • This certificate has no implied warranties
  • Life Experiences shall not be responsible for Accident, loss, misfortune or damage of any kind (to property or person) relating to any of the above services.

The emphasis on the cash and gift card term is mine and it is there to point out that if you use the gift certificate and you are owed change, you are out of luck.  All this means is that if you have purchased a $200 Gift Certificate, make sure you use all of it.

I should also make it clear that the gift certificates are only redeemable at Canadian Fairmont Properties.


The Fairmont is a great hotel chain that I like a lot and their gift certificates are not easy to find on sale so if you have an upcoming stay or want to stock up, now’s your chance.  Take advantage of this opportunity while you can!

H/T to @canuckcolehead over at RFD

Update – PointsNerd was able to successfully complete the Fairmont Gift Certificate purchase.  See more details at

Jayce is the founder of PointsNerd, and avid traveller and a teacher by nature. He prides himself on flattening the learning curve through step-by-step guides because everyone needs to start somewhere.


  1. Mine was cancelled. Thought it was due to a change with the shipping address. Tried again but the masterpass discount didn’t appear. Will try in a few days.


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