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If you have read my blog posts, you may realize that I prefer to fly Business, especially when it comes to international travel.  However, I often fly Economy when it comes to intercontinental flights.  There are various reasons for this but the main one is that domestic flights in Business tend to be marginally better than Economy so I cannot justify the additional point cost … at least for the time being.

So if you are like me and stuck in Economy, I have a quick suggestion on how to make it as comfortable as possible.

Sit In The Aisle

Personally, I find that sitting in the aisle is more comfortable because it gives you the opportunity to stretch you feet into the aisle, even if it’s for a minute or two.  It just gives you an option that you don’t get if you sit in the middle or at the window.

For the most part, I’m not fussed if I don’t have a view out the window when I am flying domestically, especially if I’ve been to the destination before.  On the odd occasion that I am flying somewhere tropical in Economy, I might try to snag the window for the view but it’s not a huge priority.

Sitting in the aisle also gives you the opportunity to go to the washroom or walk the plane to get some blood flowing through your legs without bothering the passenger(s) next to you.  If your seatmates are family, it’s not as big of a deal but having to bother a stranger to go to the washroom more than once a flight feels a bit like a nuisance.

Pro Tip

If you sit in the aisle, 9 times out of 10, you will have a secret seat feature that most people don’t know about.  Typically there is a latch towards the back of the armrest that is on the aisle.  You can simply click this latch and move your armrest up.


With the armrest out of the way, your aisle seat now feels a LOT bigger and allows you to slide in and out of your seat without having to navigate the small opening between the edge of your seat and the seat in front of you.

I take advantage of this feature on almost every flight and as a nice extra benefit, it allows your seat mates to exit the row in a much more comfortable manner when you are deplaning.



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  1. I just found recently this little button at the bottom of the 787 economy aisle armrest that unlocks it. I was in the middle of a 9 hour flight, saved my life. Also the whole return flight. My wife and I are kind of bulky and we always choose aisle-aisle seats. On the other hand if you abuse the armrest trick, you might get hit by a really heavy trolley right in the knee, so proceed with care.

    • Thanks Axemedes! The aisle-aisle trick is a good one if you are a party of two and want the most space. Combine it with the armrest trick and it’ll be like you’re flying first class… just without the caviar 🙂


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