How to Get Free Wifi on WestJet (and Other Airlines)

When I was working at WestJet, one of the biggest perks was the ability to fly standby anywhere in the WestJet network....

How to Choose Your Marriott Choice Options

Are you still waiting to access your Marriott Choice Benefits after reaching 50 or 75 nights? PointsNerd points you in the right direction so you can get those well-deserved Suite Night Awards.

How to Get Out of Resort/Destination Hotel Fees

There's an ugly trend with hotels nowadays, where resort or destination fees are becoming the norm. If you hate paying these ridiculous fees, read on as PointsNerd shows you a couple of ways out of these fees.

Marriott’s New Terms and Conditions Leaked

Marriott's new Terms and Conditions have been leaked and PointsNerd breaks down some of the more interesting things that were uncovered. Find out what the new program means for you.

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