The United Island Hopper – An Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 4

The Island Hopper is a one-of-a-kind route that very few people get to experience. Guest contributor, David Schaverien takes you on his adventure and helps you to understand what island life is really like.

PointsNerd Meetup – RSVP Today So after 6 months of writing this blog, I have gotten quite a few requests from local Calgary readers to have an event....

Tips to Maximize Aeroplan – “Home Stopovers” for Free Flights

Aeroplan allows up to two free stopovers on a roundtrip flight. PointsNerd will teach you how to maximize the free Aeroplan stopovers for free flights on your upcoming travel.

PointsNerd Meetup Wrap-up

I haven't posted for a little while for a few reasons.  The chief among them was that after the PointsNerd Meetup, I came home...